Greatest Free Android Anti virus 2013

AhnLab: V3 Mobile
AhnLab V3 Mobile is a comprehensive mobile safety measures program designed especially for today’s cellular environment. It allows you to make the most involving your mobile system while protecting you coming from a growing array of threats.
AhnLab V3 is designed to use minimum energy and has a small installation file dimension. Together with the anti-theft characteristic you are able to remotely lock your SIM credit card if it ever before gets stolen. Also you can remotely wipe most personal date through the device and observe the GPS area of the cell phone.
Anti-spam blocks cell phone calls or messages through numbers without mystery caller ID information. The feature also prevents messages containing junk e-mail keywords.
Protection: 5/5 Usability: 4, 5/5
AVG: AntiVirus
AVG AntiVirus for Android combats viruses and even malware, and also supplies loss and thievery protection from the ability to track and even control your smart phone remotely if a person should become divided from it.
Iphone app scanner scans programs to ensure that will no malware or perhaps other hazardous infections are able to infect your device. File Scanner tests your phone intended for viruses and removes these a basic click. It maintains you protected whenever using your favored apps and guarantees your contacts, bookmarks, texts, music plus videos are kept safe. Safe web browsing actively checks web pages in real-time, in the only time that matters – before you land on that page. If that detects something suspicious, it prevents a person from visiting typically the site.
You can easily keep track of your 3G/4G mobile phone data usage by simply getting notifications as you approach your monthly data restriction.
If your phone gets stolen you can use AVG’s Phone Locator to help you find your telephone via Google Maps. Along with Phone Locker you can remotely lock your phone having a SMS or using the Anti-Theft service plus wipe all associates, photos, and calendars, as well since your text text messages, browsing history plus SD Card using Phone Wipe.
Safety: 4/5 Usability: 5/5
Remote Wipe
Avast: Mobile Security
Avast Mobile Protection gives you cell phone anti-virus protection and even mobile tracking when concealing itself by would-be thieves. An individual can easily wedge specific numbers by being able in order to call or give SMS messages. Using the homescreen widget you can actually access protection reputation. The excellent Web Shield warns you should your browser attempts to load any malware-infected URLs.
When you have grounded your phone an individual can add a firewall to obstruct hackers from entering your phone. An individual can track your current network data plus Wi-Fi usage in order to help you keep nearer to your regular monthly data limits.
The Anti-Theft component offers you with remote options for simple locating and recouping of the phone. This particular can be handled by logging into you Avast Account Web Portal
Safety: 4, 5/5 Simplicity: 5/5
Antiy: AVL
This is the App that exhibits the mobile anti virus engine of AVL SDK, which provides typically the basic functionality involving virus scan to safeguard your Android system and application plans. AVL SDK Mobile provides abundant configuration options of detection switch which check the malicious unique codes of smart phones at different ranges, through which will balance the scan speed and detection capability. This android anti-virus is optimized on its composition, efficiency and the particular scale signature programs, so it is resource-saving in addition to energy-saving. With the well-designed scan methods, it ensures the high-speed detection.
Centered on the Antiy sample capture technique, it may sort and even analyze more compared to 10, 000 selections per day via the automatic analysis reduces costs of. With the assistance of the manual examination, it can detect typically the malicious codes well-timed and give 24*7 signature update services to be able to ensure that AVL SDK Mobile is equipped with the latest recognition capacity for malicious requirements.
Protection: 5/5 User friendliness: 5/5
Kaspersky: Portable Protection
Kaspersky Internet Security for Android provides Kaspersky Lab’s most recent mobile security technologies – including excellent anti-theft protection in addition to Android antivirus. Really the easy-to-use, one solution that’s optimized to protect both Android smartphones and even Android tablets from Internet security threats together with minimal impact in the performance associated with your devices. Kaspersky includes web security against Internet-based assaults and phishing sites. Anti-Theft protection together with remote access to be able to special security features on the missing device. Privacy protection to be able to control what other people can see or even access when these people pick-up your mobile phone. Call & textual content filter so your own smartphone only receives the calls and even texts you want to receive.

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